Fire Suppression System

Special Hazards

Protect your sensitive and highly valuable equipment with a clean agent system. In sensitive work areas such as Museums, Telecom Facilities, Server Rooms, Data centers, or other critical facility areas. Our Clean Agent Systems are the perfect solution to protect against any business interruptions. Whether you are looking for a clean agent, inert gas, or industrial special hazard fire suppression system, our team of professionals will provide you with the best possible solution the industry has to offer.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems suppress fires rapidly with gaseous fire suppression agents that are environmentally safe and friendly for use in areas that are occupied. We provide Kidde ADS and Kidde ECS clean agent fire suppression systems.

ADS Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems: An innovative clean agent fire suppression system that was developed to provide economical protection for larger enclosures that require longer agent flow distances.

ECS Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems: A consistently proven, effective and reliable clean agent fire suppression option

Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems

Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems are fast-acting, safe and environmentally friendly for people and sensitive equipment. We provide Kidde Argonite and Kidde Nitrogen Suppression Systems.

Argonite Suppression System: Uses a blend of inert gases that offers effective fire protection with zero environmental impact.

Nitrogen Suppression System: Nitrogen is an environmentally acceptable, people friendly fire extinguishing agent for vital facilities with a wide range of hazards.

Industrial Special Hazard Fire Suppression

Low Pressure CO2

We provide the best in class Kidde Fire Systems Cardox LP CO2 for storage capacity, refrigeration options and temperature range.   The system is a proven solution when used to protect areas that require multiple suppression cycles, expansion capabilities, numerous hazards or more than 5000lbs of CO2.

Low pressure carbon dioxide systems help protect storage capacity, refrigeration options and temperature range.  There are horizontal or vertical storage units that provide a compact suppression footprint to protect industrial facilities.

High Pressure CO2

Within seconds high pressure CO2 delivers clean, dependable suppression that greatly reduces the loss of assets, productivity and revenue that follows with fire-related business interruptions. Where flammable materials and vapors present a potential fire hazard, the Kidde CO2 system is an ideal solution for industrial processes.