Safety at Fire Systems West


At Fire Systems West, safety is our utmost priority. To show our employees our commitment to safety, we have implemented safety and health programs.

We recognize the foundation of our company’s past and future; depend on not only the development and promotion of our employees, but their safety as well. We have created a program that educates our employees in order to truly protect them. We have made a commitment to safety in order to reduce employee injuries and property losses. Educating employees is a priority in order to make sure their working conditions are as safe as possible. It is important that we proactively help our employees understand what to look for and how to identify hazards on the job. Our management team actively supports all of the safety programs and training. This helps to insure our employees stay informed on all safety aspects on the job and how to safely manage their work environment. It is through our safety and health programs that help prevent and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Our field foremen and superintendents are hands on with all aspects of training. They provide instruction for all employees within their appropriate fields of jurisdiction.  Fire Systems West also has a committee comprised of management and employee representatives, dedicated to promoting safety and health within the company. The committee is responsible for providing the best recommendations to help improve the safety and health within the workplace. It is the unique involvement and recommendations by both management and employees that help encourage employee safe practices.